The drought situation in Southern California has drawn a great deal of attention over the past few years and the one thing that has become quite clear is that there is no miracle cure for the problem. While some rivers have already run dry, Colorado River, the largest water source, is only a fraction of its former ‘self’. Unchecked groundwater withdrawal has caused the earth to sink several feet in many places and there are many such incidents that indicate it is time for every California resident to pitch in with water conservation efforts.
Implement these ideas in your landscaping and be a responsible citizen.
Design a water efficient landscape

The best thing to do is to design your landscape to be water efficient right from the outset. If you are planning to add a garden or lawn to your home, call in reputed home improvement contractors who know what to do and how to do it so that your landscape can flourish with minimal water use. If you already have a lawn or garden, we can give you home improvement ideas in selecting the right kind of plants, positioning your lawn, choosing water efficient lawn alternatives and more. These help you conserve water without compromising on the beauty of professional landscaping design.

Irrigation with maximum efficiency

Your lawn needs to be watered regularly so that it can flourish but are you sure that your irrigation system is the most efficient one? It is not just a matter of walking into your local
home improvement stores and purchasing any system off the shelves. The expert advice of experienced home remodeling contractors who have handled water conservation projects helps you make the right decision here. An expert home improvement contractor will known all about the best irrigation systems that have been proven to offer maximum water conservation efficiency.

Install permeable paving

Permeable paving allows you to utilize rainwater to keep your garden moist and well irrigated. The rainfall percolates into soil easily and quickly with this kind of paving. The use of gravel and decomposed granite is popular in South California homes where water conservation has been given enough attention. Talk to your home renovation expert about installing permeable paving in your outdoor areas near the lawn so that you can cut down on the watering that you need to do to keep your green cover intact.

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