Have Kitchens Evolved into the Heart and Soul of the Home?

On any given weekend across America, friends are gathering around large kitchen islands to snack, chat, and visit with each other. But that was not always the case. Over the last 50 years, cooking has become a social gathering and kitchen remodels have reflected the cultural change. Modern designs, social dynamics, and the advent of cooking shows and channels have allowed the average dinner party to transform into a gourmet cooking affair. Homes are accumulating gourmet pots, pans, and other kitchen accessories and the kitchen has become the heart and soul of the home.

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Tips You Can Use In The Kitchen To Trim Household Electrical Bills

California residents pay an average of $96 a month towards electricity costs, according to a ranking done by Wallethub.com. Compare this with the District of Columbia, which stands at numero uno position with a more affordable $79 per month and you are sure to start thinking of ways to trim your bills too. Thankfully, you don’t need to pack your bags and move to keep your electricity costs under control. Implement these tips in your kitchen instead to ensure that you don’t burn a hole in your wallet at month end.

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Southern California Water Saving Landscape Ideas

The drought situation in Southern California has drawn a great deal of attention over the past few years and the one thing that has become quite clear is that there is no miracle cure for the problem. While some rivers have already run dry, Colorado River, the largest water source,  is only a fraction of its former ‘self’. Unchecked groundwater withdrawal has caused the earth to sink several feet in many places and there are many such incidents that indicate it is time for every California resident to pitch in with water conservation efforts.

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