John N.

Hiring a contractor and being satisfied with the work performed –from beginning to end– is such a rare occurrence it’s a joke. Even better than that, in the case of having hired Finesse Remodeling for a shower upgrade, was our being pleasant surprise with a dozen little things that we didn’t think of.

One example is how well dust and debris control was managed. We didn’t realize how much powdery fallout would result from our old shower being demolished, but were shocked to discover how little owner-cleanup there was at the end of each day. Our bathroom and living areas weren’t just covered in plastic sheeting, they were practically gift-wraped.

Also, we have a home business + office which brought unique challenges into the picture. Finesse kept each of our concerns in mind and the proof was in knowing that we had been listened to in the first place. We had prepared ourselves for a lot of noise and banter, but none came.

As Finesse workers entered and exited the house, and worked around us, it was surprisingly restrained. In fact, these guys were like church mice! They were respectful and polite above and beyond the call of duty. They were hard-working and friendly. As each workday passed they picked up their leave-behinds, removed remnants of tape and floor coverings, and wouldn’t leave without encouraging us to sign off on their effort.

The quality of the workmanship in the finished shower itself is exactly what we had hoped and paid for, again something that we were fearful of having to bicker over. When a crack in a single tile appeared (even after the final inspection and payment had taken place) Finesse guys returned at OUR next convenient day, with a promise from the owner/manager that we may always expect such a level of dedication.

The most important note to be made here is having come away with the feeling of having been listened to, which cannot be emphasized enough! We had five contractors visit us in one week with each one trying to make more out of the job than was required or that we wanted, (we suspect because our project was small to begin with). Also, it seemed, each contractor wanted to bring in another contractor-buddy to share the wealth, in some cases recruiting sub-contractors on the phone with us still in the room. Four companies in a row! The fifth contractor confirmed our suspicions by informing us that tearing out the shower and building a new, larger one one was “too small” of a job. No new floor, no new sink, toilet or bathtub. They thanked us and declined the project.

The sixth and final contractor was Finesse Remodeling, which was the opposite in every way. Plus, guess what – they’re nice! The manner in which the Finesse project manager spoke to his workers was appealing as well. Their guys were treated with respect and it showed. As a result, the workers acted as if they really wanted to be there. We didn’t realize how much of a role that plays in having strangers in your home. Finesse Remodeling wanted our project and acted like it, even after the job was successfully completed.

Once you get your hooks into a contractor that pays this much attention to detail and does/delivers EXACTLY what they describe in their estimate -with NO surprises- you don’t want to let ’em go. From the price we agreed on, up to now, we’ve been completely satisfied and plan on using Finesse Remodeling again soon.