David I.

I needed to gut and rebuild my master bathroom from scratch. The original bathroom was demolished down to the studs and I worked with Finesse Remodeling to design a more modern and efficient bathroom. New shower including tile, shower pan, shower head, and glass. New bath vanity, toilet, cabinetry, and towel racks. New bathroom floor tile and paint.

Avi and Finesse Remodeling made redoing my bathroom as stress free as possible. Not sure exactly what it was that I wanted, Finesse was able to work with me at every step to insure my bathroom came out perfectly.

Avi’s experience really paid off when it came to selecting tile and slate colors and patterns. What looks good at the store might not look so good in your house! But Avi and Finesse were able to assist me in that area and I’m very happy for it!

Thanks to Finesse Remodeling, my custom built, personalized bathroom is now the nicest room in the house! I will definitely use them again..