Christen L.

I contacted five contractors, and I interviewed and received bids from three before deciding to go with Finesse Remodeling. I chose Avi because of his enthusiasm and his follow-up after our initial meeting. He convinced me that he really wanted to do the project and that his number one priority was to make me truly happy with the remodel. Price wise, his cost for the labor was the most reasonable out of all the contractors I interviewed, but his estimate for materials was unrealistic and far below what we ended up spending.

I am incredibly happy with the choices we made and the quality of the work. This was the first major remodel project I’ve ever taken on, and I do wish I had done a bit more research to be able to provide images and ideas for what I wanted right from the start. Avi had fantastic ideas for this project, and he has a great eye for detail. We ran a strip of mosaic tile around the shower and down to the shower bench that added a fantastic modern touch. One of the biggest challenges with this master bathroom is the incredibly small size, but his idea to decrease the depth of the vanity and alter the shape to allow for storage cabinets and drawers both opened up the space in the bathroom and provided functional storage that we did not have before. I am truly impressed by the quality of their work. Every edge, grout line, and all the other tiny details truly look flawless. And, Avi just contacted me yesterday to follow up on the work and offer to touch up any imperfections that have appeared as the work settled in the last two weeks since completion.

Throughout the construction phase, his team always arrived on time and did a fantastic job keeping our condo clean and in a habitable condition while they were working. They cleaned up their work space at the end of every day and managed to contain the mess incredibly well. Both Avi and his foreman Sam were great about communicating with me and were very easy to connect with whenever I had a question. The project was completed on time, and Avi arranged for cleaners to come to the condo and clean any remaining construction dust or residue from the bathroom and the surrounding area in the bedroom. The bathroom now has both an incredibly beautiful design and great functionality that it definitely did not have before.