Tips You Can Use In The Kitchen To Trim Household Electrical Bills

California residents pay an average of $96 a month towards electricity costs, according to a ranking done by Compare this with the District of Columbia, which stands at numero uno position with a more affordable $79 per month and you are sure to start thinking of ways to trim your bills too. Thankfully, you don’t need to pack your bags and move to keep your electricity costs under control. Implement these tips in your kitchen instead to ensure that you don’t burn a hole in your wallet at month end.

Switch to EnergyStar appliances

Appliances that have the EnergyStar label meet energy efficiency guidelines, allowing you to enjoy a whopping 30 percent saving on your electricity bills. If you have plans on buying any new appliance, do check if they are EnergyStar certified. In fact, you can replace your old appliances, especially electricity guzzlers like your refrigerator, with new ones that come with this certification and you could save up to $100. Keep in mind that this saving is yours month after month. Shelling out money for that new fridge doesn’t seem to be such a big expense after all, does it? While you are at it, why not call in trustworthy home improvement contractors to check if any other appliances can be replaced with new, energy efficient models for more savings?

Energy efficient kitchens

One of the areas of your home that contributes significantly to your electricity costs is your kitchen. The good news is that making a few, simple changes here can dramatically trim down your bill. Complete kitchen makeovers may not be necessary for you if your home is fairly new but even simple cleaning and maintenance in the kitchen helps keep electricity costs reasonable. In particular, ensure that you vacuum the refrigerator coils every three to four months to enable it to work more efficiently while consuming less power. Defrost the freezer twice a year because ice buildup prompts the refrigerator to suck in more power to maintain the temperature.

Another simple technique to use in the kitchen is to rinse your dishes with cold water before loading your dishwasher instead of putting them through pre-rinse. Optimize by making sure the dishwasher is fully loaded before you run it. The same goes for your oven where you should cook as many items at one go as it is possible. Where you can, use your microwave instead of oven because they consume less power and get the cooking done faster too.

Make sure your refrigerator is not positioned so that direct sunlight falls upon it all day. It needs to work harder to maintain the desired temperature if it is constantly exposed to heat. For the same reason, avoid placing it near your oven or a vent too. Call in experienced home contractors in your neighborhood to do some minor renovating if the existing wiring does not permit you to change your refrigerator’s position.